Yesterday People started out in Brisbane Australia as a small eco label in 2017 making groovy things using entirely vintage and recycled fabrics. As authentic vintage fabrics became harder and harder to find we decided to create OUR OWN groovy fabrics! 

We use a 'Make on demand' model for our little business which means we only make what you order. The biggest advantage of doing things this way is that we produce less waste.

By only printing and producing items when a customer places an order, there is already a know buyer. This means we avoid over production and no unsold inventory is contributed to landfill.

Our 'Made in Australia' items are manufactured here in Oz. Fabrics are printed in Melbourne and garments are sewn both in our small home studio in Brisbane and we also have another groovy lady who helps us with sewing from beautiful Maroubra Beach in Sydney. We are also hoping to expand on our Australian made production this year.

Our other items are made using the same 'make on demand' model in Hong Kong, the USA and the UK.
All of our 'Make on demand' partners abide by local laws and regulations including absolutly no child labour and provide staff a legal working wage with fair working hours and a safe work environment. 

We also stock some small runs and the occasional one off made from vintage fabric and a variety of vintage items sourced from around Australia which are of course the most sustainable clothing item of all. 

Our post bags are fully compostable and we use recycled brown Kraft paper for our wrapping.

As our small business continues to grow we are always looking for ways to improve our ethics and sustainability practices.